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Flooring Square Footage Calculator


Before shopping for flooring, you will need a rough estimate about how much material you will need.  Using the flooring calculator below, you can calculate approximately how much flooring you need and get a cost estimate.  Many customers want to know either how to measure for carpet, how to measure for tile, how to measure for hardwood flooring, or just how to measure for flooring in general.  This calculator is a very valuable tool for helping to determine the area of your room and the total cost for the carpet, vinyl, tile, hardwood, wood, bamboo or laminate flooring you are considering for your project.

Please note that your area should be professionally measured before buying flooring to determine both the exact cost of your flooring as well as the cost of installation.  Portland Flooring & Carpet of St. Helens is a professional floor covering sales and installation company.  Use the Flooring Square Footage Calculator, but be sure to call us at (503) 410-3403 for a complimentary in Home Estimate and Design Consultation when you’re ready to get an exact estimate.

The Flooring Square Footage Calculator below allows for up to 4 areas to be Calculated at the same time.

Only one area is required.

Round fractions up to next inch. Enter numbers only.

*This Basic Calculator allows for 10% of actual waste.

Your Actual Waste may vary and change the actual amount needed to purchase.

 ** This is an Estimate only. You should have your areas professionally measured before buying. Prices are subject to change.


  Area Length Area Width
Feet Inches Feet Inches
Area 2
Area 3
Area 4

Enter cost per sq. ft.
(optional): $


Estimated Flooring Results:

Total Square Footage All Areas:
10% Square Feet (Extra):
Estimated Total Material Needed:
Total Cost Estimate:


How to measure a room for flooring